palm frondsSpeaking of JC Superstar: “I really didn’t come here of my own accord.”

The “Josh had his whole Holy Week demise planned out from the start, and Judas knowingly agreed to play his role in it” headcanon has been around since way before I came along. It’s hard to come up with a genuinely original twist on something that fans have been analyzing and writing meta on for literally thousands of years. But I hope “Judas followed Josh’s orders because he was a shapeshifting golem that Josh created” comes close.

Not-Ikari-Gendo: You’re doing the right thing, you know. Joshua has gotten out of control. Ending this will be safer for our people in the long run. And we’ll be happy to pay you a fee for your trouble, Mister . . . which of his followers are you, again?

Saxon: I’m called Judah Saxon. And I’m not doing this for any kind of reward. My Lord will go off alone to pray on Thursday evening. Have your soldiers ready, and I’ll lead you to him.

Outside of town.

Disciple 1: Why are we doing this, again?

Disciple 2: Because Josh told us to.


Disciple 1: But why did Josh say to bury pieces of pottery around the city?

Disciple 2: No idea. Ask María — he probably told her.