Picture of Mary, captioned, Abstinence: It's 99.999% effectiveHe’s worried about his mom, you guys.

Josh is a smart guy, he’s traveled the world and learned from the best, he’s literally magic, he has plans within plans and wheels within wheels set up here — and he’s prepared for the possibility that it’ll all fail anyway — except, he absolutely can’t risk leaving nobody to watch out for his mom.

I didn’t tag it in the original upload of this page, but that dove flying overhead in the last panel is supposed to be the Dove.

Josh: Let us pray. Um . . . Ah . . .

Disciples: . . .

. . .

What’s going on, Lord? You’ve been zoning out all day.

Josh: Nothing’s going on!

Disciple: You ask him, María. He listens to you.

María: Seriously, Josh. Are you okay?

Josh: It’s just . . .

Look, if something happened to me, like it did to my cousin . . . You guys would make sure my mom was taken care of, right?

Disciples: Of course!

Any day, brother!

Why are you asking? Did God send you a dream?

We won’t let anything happen in the first place!

Josh: Oh, but something is going to happen. And all of you are going to let it. Saxon . . .

Do the thing.