cross against ocean sunsetThe one where the whole page is unsubtly cross-shaped.

Writing this interlude, I picked through the whole canon timeline in way more detail than I ever did for Actual Religious Purposes. All the action on the big night is seriously compressed in this page, but I was poring over an hour-by-hour breakdown, deciding how to compress it.

And it’s…kind of impressive, really, how much “state tactics for suppressing your enemy anti-authoritarian activists who represent marginalized groups” have been consistent for the past several thousand years. Is the public opinion clearly against you? Get everything done behind closed doors, after hours, don’t give them any chance to form a protest until after the thing they’d be protesting is already done.

The garden.

Josh (thinking): God, I hope this works. Because either way, it’s going to hurt.

Saxon: The man you’re looking for is here.


Disciple: How are they holding his trial now? It’s the middle of the night!

Rocky: Can’t have a riot if all his fans are asleep.

María: Maybe we could run door-to-door, telling people to get up!

Rocky: Well . . .

Woman: Hey, you!

Aren’t you from the posse that hangs out with —

Rocky: Never heard of the guy!


The hills.

María (thinking): Please have a plan, Josh. Please let this all be for a reason.

Person 1: I hear one of his own friends gave him up.

Person 2: My sister says the guy hanged himself!