Nationwide transmutation circleThat’s right, the carvings on the pottery formed a Nationwide Transmutation Circle. Or in this case, a citywide circle. Which, in accordance with the historical principle of “cities only get large enough for people to have no more than a half-hour commute to work by the fastest method of transportation available,” is like a mile across.

The big square with lots of nested smaller circles is from the same source as all the pentacles, but it’s not one of the pentacles. It’s…not actually labeled, beyond “Figure 2”, in any of the sources I could find. Pretty sure it’s just a diagram for “this is how you set up the room (or, well, the city) in which you’re gonna do the magic.”

…I put the smaller pentacles in the circles for the Master’s Edition. More on that tomorrow.

(Also: now I’m getting more adventurous with the sound-effect fonts.)

María: All right, Saxon, enough is enough! S-stop playing dead! Tell me what’s going on!

Saxon: I’m not allowed to say! Not even to you. Not until it happens.

María: Until what happens? How will you know?

Saxon: My Lord says it should be hard to miss . . .