lilac hibiscus paintingIn canon, the mystery announcer in the graveyard is variously described as one terrifying angel in dazzling white, two terrifying angels in dazzling white, and one mysterious “young man” in white.

(Canon fails to mention mention whether anyone checked for unmarked, freshly-buried bodies around that empty tomb.)

So, it’s totally the Dove. For that matter, most accounts of “angels” throughout history are totally the Dove. In all their radiant, winged, androgynous glory.

There was some speculation in the original comments about whether Josh had become the Dove — no, they already existed, maybe I should’ve given them more cool mysterious appearances throughout the chapter? — or whether he swapped souls/places/memories with Saxon somehow. Sadly, neither. María is just having the Donkey pull the same trick as Hannah had the Raven do, back with Jesse Riverton.

Even with the time this buys her, María doesn’t manage to bring Josh back. But she sure does manage to secure his legacy.

The Dove.

Dove: I know who you’re looking for. And you won’t find him in there.

María: Guys! Did you see the empty tomb? Well, guess who I totally just ran into . . .

Disciples: You can’t be —
I knew it!
Are you really —

The Donkey.

Saxon Josh: It ‘s me! The one called Joshua ben Joseph. D’you want to come over and look at the nail marks?

Two-thousand-ish years later . . .