man writing on a scrollMore fruits of research: Nahumville = Capernaum (“Nahum’s village”). María is from Figham = Bethany (“house of figs”).

Saxon probably did most of his walking in adult-human form, to avoid weird looks or attempted kidnappings. He just switched to this appearance when he needed to start asking questions, because people are more likely to be indulgent toward a stranger if they’re also a small cute child.

Copy room, Scrolls’R’Us.

Boss: María! Visitor — says he only wants to talk to you!

María: Remind him that you only let men copy the holy writings, so he can relax!

Boss: Not an angry visitor! More a tiny, cute one.

María (thinking): I guess my writing hand could use the break.

María: And you are . . . ?

The Donkey: Here on behalf of my Master! He told me you’ve been his friend for a long time. He was on a trip, but now he’s back, and would like to see you again!

María: Do you mean Josh?!

The Donkey: That’s him! He’s in Nahumville now. If you want to meet there, I’m supposed to bring you with me when I go back. He says hi!

María: There is no way you could make a round trip to Nahumville on your own. You’re, what, eight?

The Donkey: Well, eheh . . . I’m not exactly what I look like. Let me show you.