Jesus chiding some disciplesAlthough they’re drawn as Generic Bearded People here, most of the Main Twelve were very likely teenagers. When you keep that in mind, a lot of their behavior (including all the self-satisfaction in Mark 4) suddenly falls into place.

…this is one of those “too big and involved of a project to fit the amount of time I’ve reserved for Master’s Edition touch-ups” situations, or else I’d redraw them all younger.


Josh: Okay, how many of you have parents who fish?

Kids: Ooh! Me! Me, me!

Josh: Great! Now, imagine a fisherman, but with the biggest net in the world . . .

María: Josh!

Josh: María! Saxon found you! Let me just finish this story, then we can talk!

Disciple 1: What, first he’s talking with the kids, next some woman?

Disciple 2: When is he going to get back to explaining his real teachings?

Disciple 1: The serious ones? The manly ones?

María: Teachings? Josh? That Josh?

Disciple 2: Of course!

Disciple 1: He is brilliant. You probably wouldn’t understand.