Princess KraeheIn which the giant attacking animal from the Nutcracker is played by the shadowy Wolf — and yes, Patrick gets his scheduled transformation into a human, but not before Miranda gets her own upgrade.

She’s now rerouted into Princess Kraehe (a Princess Tutu character who’s not directly from a pre-existing ballet, as far as I can tell). Raven-themed, extremely talented, lots of issues stemming from her poor treatment by a father figure, starts as a villainous rival who tries to control the Sad Boy our heroine is protecting, develops into a friend and priceless ally in fighting the ultimate Big Bad — seriously, this crossover was inevitable.

Poe is also there!

…and his figure in the fight is obscured-enough that I can’t tell whether this is legit foreshadowing of his Monster Form, or just a Very Big Raven.

Sparrow: Hey, ah . . . You can tie this around his face and pretend it’s a bandage.

Miranda: Or I could be serious, because we’re about to be under attack.

Sparrow: How — gaaahh!

Gotta get something to throw at it —

. . . Oh.


Miranda: How about this: We’ll take care of the cleanup, and you just get Patrick home.