animated Whoville(in deep voice, all ominous): Welcome…to Whoville.

The cartoon is still the best Grinch adaptation. (Unless they’ve released something new since I wrote this, and topped it — but listen, I seriously doubt it.)

This town has the same architectural style, I just draped it with a lot more rainbow flags.

The characters with dream-debuts on this page, they don’t fit specific/named roles from the canon. They’re just general Whos — with specific Seuss rhyming.

…have you ever heard people praise Shakespeare because “the rhythm he uses is natural/instinctive”? Iambic pentameter: natural English!

Yeah, nonsense. You want to give someone that kudos, it’s Seuss who deserves it. The natural rhythm of plain-spoken English is captured the best in the rhythm and beat that he used in The Grinch.

(Now, re-read this post with that rhythm in mind.)

Sparrow: Where is “home” for you, anyway?

Patrick: I don’t know . . .

. . . but that place looks nice!

Can I stay here forever? I like this place best!

Bianca: Of course! Though tonight, you might not get much rest.

Sparrow: Uh, why not?

Bianca: Well, you see — Every queer down in Queerville loves Pride Week a lot —

. . . but the GRINCH —

Camellia: — who lives far-right of Queerville —

Bianca: — does not!