Uhura BarbieAs of this writing, my latest “big exciting purchase on the level of an imported Sailor Moon artbook” was “a 100-pack of ISBNs.”

(That’s only twice as expensive as the 10-pack…which is a cost I built into the Leif & Thorn volume 1 Kickstarter, and would’ve kept me going for the next 5 years, but then I did the BICP omnibus and figured, gonna need a bunch of these, may as well go big…I didn’t need them at all for the trade-paperback printing, since those were only sold through Lulu, but it helps make the self-printed ones look more professional…if you were a cartoonist, I promise, all this detail would be very exciting.)

“Shopping With Mom”


Sparrow (age 7): . . . an’ I want a Barbie Dream House, an’ a tennis racket, an’ a Captain Picard action figure, an’ a jewelry makin’ kit, an’ a Slinky cat, an’ a box of balloons, an’ . . .


Sparrow (age 22): . . . and I want more cereal, and new knives, and I want lasagna ingredients, and I want yogurt, and organic potato chips, and tea, and laundry detergent, and . . .