Stewart and ColbertBennett and Cohen were always pretty-obvious takeoffs of Stephen Colbert (in his Colbert Report character) and Jon Stewart (but, like, if he leaned into being ominous instead of cute).

And those two are still one of my lifelong favorite OTPs. Across all kinds of versions, AUs, and incarnations.

So it was no surprise that plenty of readers predicted “aha, Bennett and Cohen are going to be A Ship” before they’d even met on-page.

“Based On A True . . . dream my roommate had”

Bennett: That’s my Being you have in there, Cohen! And I want you to let her go!

Cohen: Is that so, Mr. Bennett?

What would you do in order to get her back?

Bennett: . . . What do you want me to do?

And so:


(And then there was a fourteen-page sex scene.)

Roommate: Isn’t this a little excessive?

Author: Hey, don’t blame me. It’s your subconscious.