Skintone color referenceThat awkward moment of “ooh geez, that’s what I would’ve said to a non-[minority] person without any bad subtext in mind, buuuut now that I’ve said it out loud I hear the implications.”

They’re a regular outcome of “I’m a white person was raised theoretically anti-racist, but also pretty sheltered and without much experience putting active effort into it.”

Fortunately, Bianca knows Sparrow pretty well at this point, so she doesn’t have to suffer through a corresponding moment of “wait, did you not realize how that would sound, or have you secretly thought less of me this whole time and this is just the first time the mask slips?”

Sparrow and Bianca: the college years


Bianca: Come on, come on . . .

(Level Up!)

Sparrow: All right! I am awesome at this! Almost . . . to . . . the . . . finish . . . !

Bianca: No! Stupid thing! Why won’t you catch up?

(DEEDILY-DEE! A Winner Is You!)

Sparrow: HAH! Owned!

Bianca and everyone: . . .

Sparrow: Uh . . .

Bianca: And that’s why Sparrow is paying for QPOC’s pizza tonight!

Sparrow: Who knew white guilt tasted like pepperoni?