Calvin and Hobbes duplicatorLittle Orphan Annie doesn’t have the “blank eyes = blindness” trope, she has the “blank eyes = slightly eerie 1920’s stylistic choice” trope.

I seriously considered using “Hobbes” as the name for Ann Walker’s Being, and was still into it for the first several chapters of their appearance. Didn’t put it in the character tag, though, so I wasn’t locked into the name by the time I came up with something better.


Annie: The key to success is being spunky! And always working hard! And regularly punching people who give you trouble! And having a rich “dad” sure doesn’t hurt!

Hobbes: Personally, I find it helps to threaten to eat people.

Ann Walker: Please. Punching things is so gauche. Instead you buy up their company, then fire them and everyone they care about.

Ann’s Being: And having anyone eaten is just over-the-top. “Hello, have you met my seeing-eye tiger?” is more than enough to send the right message.

Ann: Now get those people out of our strip before a copyright holder sues us. I know I would, if I were them.