RayearthYou’ll get over it, Bennett, I promise.

When I was Jany’s age, Magic Knight Rayearth was already 10+ years old, but it felt a little fresher because the Tokyopop English-language licensing was 5+ years behind. When this comic dropped, the series was almost 20 years old, and the manga-publishing industry was getting closer and closer to “simultaneous English releases as international standard.” Doing this re-release another 10 years on, I’d be shocked if any significant number of teenagers knew what it was.

…and honestly, not too surprising, it clearly didn’t have the timeless-franchise quality of your Sailors Moon or your Pokémons. But I do regret losing the era of Peak CLAMP Costume Design.

We know some of the characters are going to a convention. But what if they were all going — and had unlimited money to spend on cosplays?

Bianca (Captain America): I wanted Sparrow to join us as Iron Man, but she had plans of her own . . .

Patrick (Thor): Do you need anything hammered, Mas– er, Captain?

Cybele (White Rabbit): When you have a great accessory like a rabbit, you have to build the costume around it!

Bennett (Alice): This kind of gender role ambiguity can’t be good for the social fabric . . .

Sparrow (Third Doctor): Anyone have a neutron flow that needs its polarity reversed? Because I would be all over that.

Kara Lynn (Selece): When you have a great accessory like a dragon, you can build a costume around that too.

Jany (Umi): I just hope people my age recognize the series . . .