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Q: Patrick, what shows are you watching with Bianca and Sparrow, and which ones have you gotten particularly invested in?

Patrick: We’re watching a lot!

My favorite is Inspector Spacetime. I like how they portray someone who’s immortal and changes bodies every once in a while. I want there to be an episode where he gets together with his Master and they live happily ever after!

I watch Whee! with my Master. That’s the one about a high school dance club. Sparrow stopped watching because she got mad about how it handles, she said, “everything.”

And I watch the political drama Slander with Sparrow. My Master is the one who stopped watching that, because all the characters got too mean, but she said I should keep watching because Sparrow likes the company.

Sometimes we do marathons of older shows. We just finished Camp Pining Hearts — the dub, because I can’t read fast enough to follow the subtitles. It was okay.

Plus, my Master and Sparrow always watch the fake news shows together, and usually I ‘m in the room . . . Does it still count if I don’t pay attention? I never understand any of their jokes.