Q: I’m still waiting for explanation why instead of summoning Sparrow Miranda went after her.

Miranda: First: one of our theories was that Sparrow had landed in the Being battle-world. In which case a straightforward summoning from the real world would have brought back the Pile Of Dirt Formerly Known As Sparrow. I decided to throw in some extra reality-bending mojo to avoid that. Because I’m a kind and generous person that way.

Second: if Sparrow and Reseda were stuck somewhere dangerous, it was better to get them out of there as soon as possible.

Sparrow (imagined): This is so scary! What’s taking Miranda so long to save me??

Miranda: And Dad had a summoning sigil prepared, while I didn’t.

Bonus! Dad had already used a sigil on me before, so we knew he could do it. Without needing any identifying info on Sparrow in the process.

Cohen (imagined): I summon Sparrow Applebaum, 22 years old, who lives at 24 Summer Street Quincy MA 02169, with Bianca Washington and the Dog . . . hey!

Poe: Also, you were testing something.

Miranda: That too.

Poe: And what did you find out?

Miranda: Eehehehehehee.