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Q: To Bennett: When did you start having the fear that you might be gay?

Bennett: What?! Gay? Who said anything about me being gay? Just because a certain male someone kissed me and I liked it, doesn’t mean I can’t still be totally heterosexual! Cybele, find something on the Internet to back me up, here!

Cybele: Yup, boss, this website is very clear! You can enjoy anything Cohen does with you — including having sex with you — and you can even be the one to happily initiate the enjoyable sex with Cohen! — as often as you like, for the rest of your life! — all without implying you are sexually attracted to Cohen. In which case, you are definitely heterosexual, and it’s offensive for anyone to call that into question.

Bennett: Aha! There you go!

Cybele: Lots of humans, having internalized toxic messages about sexuality, start getting scared and avoidant as teenagers when their own sexualities start to develop.

Bennett: That is a random offhand observation and it has nothing to do with me!!