Lightning’s Master has already been introduced — in the sense of “introduced” that means “he was shown in one panel one time.”


Q: Ok so going back Sparrow has been pulled into the battle realm on multiple occasions but so far as I can tell she hasn’t been affected by Lightning being battled. I am curious then if you plan to introduce 2 new characters, 1 person and 1 Being, at some point in the future? Or if not how does it work that neither seems to affect the other?

Sparrow: . . . what now? Never heard of any Being called Lightning. As far as we can tell, I only get pulled into battles that are close enough to me. So if this one is in China or something, I wouldn’t be affected.

Lightning’s Master: Lightning is my Being! He used to be with me in Heidelberg — but he was taken from me, several years ago. His animal form is the Bearded Vulture. Do you know where he might be?

Sparrow: Sorry! If I knew anything that could help, I swear I would tell you — but I don’t.