You would think that bird would be the Nightingale, but nope. (It was the Swallow.)


Q: Here’s one for Congresswoman Park. Would you oppose using beings on the battlefield?

Park: Oh, my, no.

If Beings were dangerous to humans, now, that might be another story. But there are so many support roles on a battlefield that I’m happy to see Beings fill!

Take the Crimean War — there
was at least one Being in the Turkish forces. One of the birds.

When its Master recognized the benefits of modern nursing, he ordered his Being to support Florence Nightingale in anything she asked. I understand it ended up doing a lot of sanitizing and garbage-hauling.

And let’s not forget George Washington, who used the Rabbit as an indestructible messenger during the Revolutionary War!

. . . admittedly, on-foot messengers aren’t as useful in the age of phones, radios, and Internet. My point is that anything Beings are able to do, I’m in favor of using them for.