Are there rogue Beings?

Patrick might have been considered “rogue” at the beginning of the story, although that stopped when he contracted with Bianca.

Can a Being kill animals?

If their master ordered them to. Any consequences would then be treated as the master’s responsibility.

Do governments regulate Beings like alcohol or drugs?

Lol, now I’m trying to imagine someone getting drunk on Patrick.

If Sparrow and Bianca wanted to travel overseas with Patrick in tow, would there be any regulatory complications beyond the normal “bringing a pet along” variety?

Some airlines will insist that Beings pay full ticket price, even if they have a small animal form and stay in that for the entire flight. They claim it’s about dignity and respect, but let’s be serious here, we all know it’s about profit.

Are there devices that can tell the difference between a Being and a normal animal/human?

If you really want to know, there are a couple of pretty simple tests you can run, no special equipment required.

Can human weapons kill a being? (And by human, I mean anything from a .22 pistol to a cruise missile)