Q. If Patrick thinks Sparrow smells nice, how does he think Bianca smells?

Before she makes the contract: Human. Afterward: Interesting.

Q. Can Beings breed with animals?

A. No.

Q. Do dog-like Beings dislike cat-like Beings? Do cat-like Beings eat mouse-like Beings?

A. Well, Patrick and Reseda sure snap at each other a lot…

Q. Are Paris Hilton’s dogs Beings? Is Jim Carrey a Being???

A. Who knows? Although I have my suspicions about the Queen Mum’s corgis.

Q. Can Beings have personal feelings and opinions, or have them the same than their master?

A. Beings have their own personalities, complete with plenty of emotions and preferences. However, the desire to please their Masters overrides most others.

Q. Do they speak a secret language, that only other Beings understand?

A. Technically? No.

Q. Can a Master prostitute their Being? (Is it legal? Is it morally wrong in this society, or not wrong, because Beings are not human?)

A. It’s not illegal. How immoral the idea is depends on who you ask.