Because there seemed to be some confusion, I tweaked the dialogue on page 21 to make it clearer that Lily/Reseda’s blood was spiked, not naturally poisonous.

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Since Beings can blow up buildings and damage property, can they (knowingly or unknowingly) hurt a human through environmental damage even if they can’t hit a person straight on?

In some cases, yes.

What religion do Beings hold? The same as humans or something different?

Only they know. Although if you asked it in those words, they probably wouldn’t understand the question.

Is every Being a different species of animal? Or can there be two or more Beings that use the same animal form?

There are so few Beings in the first place that there’s no need for duplication.

How many Beings are there at any one time on average? Has the number of Beings increased over the millennia or has it remained constant?

The nature of Beings’ lives and memories means that nobody has an exact count.

Do Beings grow old and die of natural causes? If so, what is their expected life span? Or are they more like elves? Can Beings die from traumatic injury or will they heal from anything?

There are very few things that can destroy a Being. Unless one of those happens, they will continue existing.