Q. Are Beings considered animals under the law or something else? Even in human form?

A. There aren’t any legal precedents for dealing with Beings; nobody’s ever brought a case involving them, as any such conflict would get resolved between their masters. For a fun evening, get a group of half a dozen freshman law students together, wait a few drinks, then ask what how moral they think that is.

Q. Would falling in love with a Being under your control be taboo? Is it against the law (per bestiality)?

A. Again, there’s no law about it. Whether it’s moral, or indeed reasonable, depends on who you ask.

Q. Does Rick Santorum lead rallies against Human-Being marriage, saying “I told you so!” and referencing the gay marriage issue?

A. Alas, Mr. Santorum has bigger fish to fry.

Q. Patrick has indicated that the First Law of Robotics (can’t hurt humans directly or allow them to come to harm) applies to Beings. It is the whole thing or just the first half?

A. Just the first half. Whether they allow any human other than their master to come to harm is up to their individual discretion.