Ten years ago today, the first page of But I’m A Cat Person was released onto the internet.

My 10-year college reunion in 2020 was canceled, one of the many casualties of COVID, but at least I can still draw one for the BICP cast. Fictional characters are still allowed to have cross-country meetings, crowd together without masks, and take group selfies! The rest of us will have to live vicariously through them.

(Thought about calling this “The 10 Masters” and doing a Doctor Who theme…sadly, I don’t think there’s quite enough Who!Masters to swing it.)

Also! Some very-long-term readers may remember, years and years ago, I made couple halfhearted attempts to crowdfund BICP. Didn’t have a real plan, the campaigns unsurprisingly fell through, and I shelved the whole idea.

Well, no more. Starting today, BICP gets a Serious Kickstarter. I’m collecting the whole thing in a big fancy Master’s Edition box set. I have a plan, I have a detailed budget, I have 3 years’ worth of Printing Stuff experience, I have a bunch of beautiful digital mockups. Come join in.

Master's Edition