Connie: Sharon, I was wondering . . . do you let your kid celebrate Halloween? I’d offer to help, but I don’t want to overstep.

Sharon: Of course we celebrate, Connie! Why would we not?

Connie: Well, you’re Jewish and Wiccan. I thought there were good odds it was sacrilegious to something.

Sharon: Hah! The only sacrilege is in the language my ten-year-old would use if I kept her away from free candy.

You can help with her costume, maybe? Sparrow loves costumes. The spookier and fancier, the better.

I tell her, “Why not go as a witch? You wouldn’t even have to dress up!” But she says if she doesn’t wear a complicated costume, then what is the point of Halloween?

Connie: Complicated, you say . . . ?

And so:

Sparrow: Mom, look! I’m an entire haunted house!!

Connie: Eh? Ehhhh?