Q. Did you know you can vote once in TWC for every computer you go on?

A. And your mobile devices, too! Now you have something to do on the train besides play Angry Birds =)


Q. What’s the general distribution of Beings across the continents? Are there some regions with more of them than others?

A. There were none in Australia or the Americas until European settlers started bringing them. Because of their ties to human Masters, they tend to end up in areas of high population density.

Q. Can Beings be hurt by cold or heat? For example, if you were to put a Being in human form naked on the ice fields of Antarctica, would they freeze to death or shrug it off?

A. Shrug it off.

Q. How many Beings currently work in the pr0n industry? Given their shape shifting abilities, are they actively sought out by studio execs in the US and Japan?

A. Quite a few. They’ve been sought out for the purpose ever since cheap recorded sex became technologically feasible.

Q. Do Beings have a nervous system as we would understand it? A way to transmit thoughts through their body and into their limbs? If not, do we know how they gather sensory input? Do Beings have internal organs by default?

A. Beings appear to have the normal nerves and internal organs for whatever animal (including human) they are at the time. However, they don’t appear to be affected by damage that would disable a normal animal’s senses.