Q. How many distinct forms – as in, injuries won’t transfer between them – do Beings have?

A. Three distinct forms. Human, animal, and monster.

Q. Can the Cows be aurochs? Can Beings in general be extinct animals?

A. The Cows can’t become aurochs, even the one that was originally the Auroch. Once a species or subspecies goes extinct, a Being can no longer take on that form.

Q. Did someBeing inherit the Mouse’s animal form(s)?

A. Beings can’t “inherit” each other’s forms. They’re all individuals, not connected in that way. They’re not like Time Lords!

Q. What makes a name True, since Timothy was able to Contract as Camellia before, I think, he started using it regularly?

A. Your true name is the one you identify with, whether anybody else knows it or not. (Entering into a mystical Name-based contract locks it in, though, so the contract would still apply even if your name changed later on.)

Q. Is there any chance the master of the Being in captivity is dead? Would the Being know even if separated from its master that the contract had been broken by death?

A. If the Being’s most recent Master had died, it would have lost the emotional drive to get back to him, and would instead be driven to find someone new to Contract with. It would probably still have all those clear memories of him, but without the feeling of loving or missing him included.