Q. Are Beings able to use being powers to teleport back to their Masters’ sides if they need them? If so, would a battle be required to accomplish it?

No, Beings can’t teleport, not even within the battle dimension.

Q. If I contract with a Being using my full name (i.e. “I, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt…”), and a Being can use a shortened nickname of their Master’s but not their full name (i.e. “Bee” but not “Bianca”) then could my Being refer to me as “John” or “Jacob”?

A. The thing to remember about Contract functions is that they’re not specific and inflexible, computer-style. There’s not a simple rule like “as long as you say less than X% of the Master’s Name, it counts as a nickname.” It’s more like “if the Master honestly perceives something as a nickname, it counts as a nickname.”

Trying to wrangle a Being around a rule via sneaky technicalities isn’t going to work, because the Being (and/or the Contract) will recognize that you’re trying to pull a sneaky technicality, and respond accordingly. It’s like someone trying to be a dick on a forum — even if they’re not breaking any specific forum rules, a moderator can still make the intuition-based call of “this stops now on the grounds of you being a dick.”

Q. Can Beings really get [doll-size] when human? I assume they can’t, since you’ve only shown them shrinking in animal form, but it is an Important Question.

A. Sadly, no. They can get anywhere in the possible human size range, which is a really wide range once you get to the farthest outliers (record-setting Jyoti Amge is 23″ tall!), but they’re not going to be able to wear Barbie clothes.