It’s so hard to block shots where one character is at least a head taller than the other. (All my sympathy for the X-Files film crew.)

Naresh: You’re sure you don’t want any of the stuff still in my flat shipped to the US?

Jany: Not yet! If I move for uni it would have to be shipped again anyway . . . is that okay?

Naresh: Of course! So . . . uni plans, huh?

Jany: Yeah! Probably next year!

And I won’t need to beg from Mum and Dad, or exploit my Being, to afford it! All I needed was the patronage of a wealthy business tycoon this whole time!

Naresh: How are your other friends in the States? The ones with the secret Being? Do you keep in touch?

Jany: I watch their blogs. We don’t really talk. I want the Being to be okay, right — he helped Kara Lynn! — but his Master said this really gross thing to me . . .

She was talking about how it’s okay to play violent sex games with people! Like you can hurt someone and get off on it and it’s somehow fine just because it’s all with adults who consented!

Naresh: . . .

Naresh (thinking): Someone should tell her. I could tell her. But she’s my kid sister.

Naresh: Hey, how about if we go get sodas!

Jany: You already have a soda.

Naresh: Well, you can never have too many sodas!