Jany: I’m gonna run to the loo. Watch my stuff?

Kara Lynn: Of course.

Naresh: Hey, Kara Lynn, while she’s gone . . . You’ve been with Jany this whole time. Was this Internet person talking about kinky sex in order to encourage her to feel okay having kinky sex with them?

And, uh, here’s my phone, so we can pretend I’m getting a call instead of talking to a chameleon.

Kara Lynn: The person wasn’t hitting on her, no. They were trying to make a point about how consent works with humans, versus how it works with Beings. My Master didn’t take it very well.

She still feels guilty over the things she inadvertently ordered me to do. And she hears in so many ways that it ‘s her destiny to be threatening to people. As a lesbian . . . as a Muslim.

She’s so very afraid of doing anything else that might prove those fears right. That includes “speaking favorably about spanking.”

If you’re thinking about comforting her by oversharing, you should know it probably won’t help.

Naresh: Who said I had anything to overshare?

Kara Lynn: We lived in the same house when you were in high school. You were pants at clearing your browser history.