Naresh: You know, this is the first time I’ve ever heard you talk so much? Including when you were Gran’s.

Kara Lynn: I’ve had . . . more energy . . . since last year.

Naresh: Is it really such a bad idea for me to reassure Jany on this . . . ?

Kara Lynn: She also remembers living with you in high school. You are . . . not exactly her role model of thoughtful and caring sexuality.

Naresh: Oh, come on! Sure, I was a bit of a knob, but I was hardly that bad!

I mean, yeah, I called a few girls frigid so-and-sos for not putting out. And may have been a little free with the word “slut” for one or two who did.

And there was some less-than-true bragging that may have destroyed a few reputations. Okay, a lot of reputations. Okay, the entire gymnastics team.

Also the time I talked that shy girl into bed just for a dare and okay maybe I was that bad.

But I’m better now! Honest! Is she afraid that’s the only way to deal with being into girls? How do I convince her that I got over it?

Kara Lynn: Good question.