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Ilsa: Do you now.


How . . . thoughtful. I didn’t realize you had heard . . .

Walker: Neither did I. We certainly didn’t tell her. Jany, where ever did you pick this up?

Last week, at the Chicago library, with Google.

Kara Lynn: An actual coma?

Jany: Looks like it.

Kara Lynn: I’m sure that affects his empathetic bond with the Wolf, but I couldn’t guess how.

Jany: Would sure be convenient if it affected her powers . . .

Kara Lynn: On the other hand, if she’s evil, this could be one of the reasons behind it.

Jany: Okay, so how do I figure out her mental state? Without making her angry enough to attack a lizard person in the process.

Librarian (thinking): Aww, the cute fantasy-writing lesbians are here again.

Jany: I once learned a valuable lesson about doing thorough research on a place before you go for a visit. I suppose you won’t want to fight, then? Since someone could hurt him during a battle.

It must be hard on you, not knowing what he wants . . . But you seem to be doing all right for yourself alone! Good on you, yeah?