Jany: I can’t do it. I can’t pick a Being to kidnap!

I’ll have to talk Walker out of it. Come up with some other loyalty test — one I can fake properly.

I mean, I did all right earlier, didn’t I? Totally subtle! Walker didn’t even catch on!

. . . but if I did something that might really sabotage her plans, she’d pay more attention.

I have to earn her trust before I have any chance of really beating her. Have to out-think her, not just have you smack down Blake in a battle. No amount of wins is going to make the Game end. We can’t even get them to forfeit this challenge! Unless . . . Walker dies, and someone new gets Blake. And killing is not an option!

So I have to keep doing whatever it takes to keep her happy! Until I come up with a better plan!

Have to keep acting all cute and confused . . . Like someone she can control, so I’m not a threat . . . I’m even dressing like this because I think it’s disarming! Like I’m her little doll!

What am I doing? This isn’t me! Pricey little swishy dresses and flowers and bows — It’s so st–