Jany: — oh!

I didn’t mean — I wasn’t talking about y–

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Kara Lynn: Weren’t you? Master?

For me, this isn’t stupid, because I want to please you. But when you dress the same way, to appease her . . .

Jany: I . . .

Kara Lynn: It’s because your whole life is steered by her. And she might not even deserve your allegiance.

But you’re scared.

Jany: I’m not doing this for Walker’s sake! It’s to keep us safe!

Kara Lynn: You’re scared.

Jany: Of course I’m scared! She’s filthy rich, she’s been systematically trying to kill Beings for who knows how long, and, oh right, the world might be ending!

Kara Lynn: You’re desperate to feel in control of something again.

Jany: God, yes!

Kara Lynn: You have me. I’m right here!

Hit me.