(drip drip)

Jany (thinking): Oh geez, there had to be something wrong with that, or it wouldn’t have felt so good.

Okay, Jany, freak out later. You’re on a deadline, and you have to do some planning for once so you don’t bollocks this up.

First step: double-check time zones before trying to reach the US.

Boston (6 hours behind Munich)

Sparrow: Listen, I don’t need a lot of money. And I’m still on Mom’s health insurance, thanks to Obamacare.

I just need to be able to pay the rent, and to have “can’t make it in due to a teleport gone wrong” not be a firing offense.

. . . again. Friggin’ unreasonable StuffMart.

Miranda: Believe me, having another person who can do this at all is going to be worth plenty. How much is your rent?