Sparrow: Six fifty a month. That’s my half, anyway.

Miranda: . . .

That’s how much I paid for the shoes I’m wearing.

Sparrow: Yes, I know, you’re stupid rich. Rub it in, why don’t you.

Miranda: Look, I don’t want to do a lot of math, here. What if we call it forty thousand a year?

Sparrow: Wha —

Miranda: Plus travel expenses, obviously. If we have to take any trips the normal way.

Sparrow: Okay, what’s the catch?

Miranda: Who says there has to be a catch?

Sparrow: I do know you.

Hang on, let me take this. In case it’s Bianca, or the landlord, or . . .

Phone: Urgent Being question. If you can talk right now, Skype me. –Jany

Sparrow: Hey, Jany. Your video feed’s not turned on.

Jany: Yeah, it’s not a great time for that, actually.