Jany (phone): I can’t talk a lot right now. I’ll explain everything later. Just tell me — are there any Masters you know of that are sorta exploiting or mistreating their Beings?

Sparrow: Uh . . . Well, there’s the cult ones, obviously. The Lion and the Goat. I don’t know if they, um, experience it as mistreatment, but it’s not good for the humans.

Jany (thinking): Neither of those is on my list.

Jany: Anybody else?

Sparrow: The Rabbit caused a lot of trouble, a while back. But it’s already in custody, away from its Master . . .

Miranda (thinking): I’ll just let that one go.



Sparrow: A duck? No, wait . . . a loon? Are black swans a real thing, or was that just a movie?