Programming note: There’s going to be a longer-than-usual break between chapters. Still Tuesday/Friday updates, but with short bonus strips while your artist gears up for chapter 22.

Five and a half years, and the Big Climax of this comic is finally in some kind of sight. Yikes.

…Since each chapter is 27 pages, it would be really mathematically pleasing if the comic as a whole spanned 27 chapters. Let’s see if I can make that work out.

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Sparrow: Hey, Jany, looking good!

Bianca: The new haircut is so cute!

Jany: Thanks.

Bianca: Are you still in Europe?

Jany: No — I’m calling from back in Chicago. I, um . . . think I may have gotten into something a bit over my head.

Bianca: Are you okay? Are you safe?

Jany: Y-yes! It’s not like that. I’m fine. And Kara Lynn is . . . going to be fine. We were in a fight — she’s still roughed-up — it was bad.

Kara Lynn: You don’t have to call it that, Master!

We won, didn’t we?

Bianca: So the Game got a little out of control? That’s okay! Just give your Being some down time while she heals. It’s not the end of the world.

Jany: Yeah, um, about that . . . I have sort of a story to tell.