Sparrow: Good boy.

Reseda: Didn’t you want to finish your work before my Master and I leave? Why are you stopping for TV?

Sparrow: Hey, mental downtime is proven to be good for thinking and concentration! Also, a girl’s gotta eat.

Reseda: What is this, anyway? It looks sort of like a Being sigil, but it ‘s not any of the ones I know.

Sparrow: I’ll tell you during the commercial break.

Timothy: Hey, can I watch with you?

Sparrow: Be my guest! . . . I mean, technically you’re my guest anyway. Have a seat.

TV: . . . thank you, Sam. We’ll be right back.

Timothy: Oh, good, it’s not the instant-transportation sigil.

Sparrow: Yeah, I’m taking a break from teleporting for a while.

This one’s for Understanding and Knowledge. At least, in theory.

I figured if I could get it working . . . Maybe we could totally bypass the thing you’re about to do.