Cohen: Sorry, you just . . . caught me off guard. There’s something I believe in, but it might be a little scary.

Bennett: Try me!!

Cohen: All right: God is dead and we’re alone.

We — humans — have tried to recapture whatever force it was that Created us. It hasn’t worked out.

And that’s how we ended up with a bunch of shambling soulless meat-puppets that have to sustain themselves by latching on to us. We call them “Beings,” because it sounds nicer.

Bennett: That’s not scary, that’s just — sad!

Cohen: Your religion says we can’t make out. Pot, kettle.

Bennett: Does your Patrick hear you talk about him like that?!

Cohen: I can honestly tell you that he does not.

Not Camellia’s new apartment:

Clerk: Thank you for counting on StuffBox Storage, sir! . . . ma’am?

Camellia: Either is fine.

Emma: Instead of heading straight back to your place, want to come to mine?

Bianca: Sure! With or without Patrick?

Emma: . . . Definitely without.