Emma: Now that I think about it, he should be making your life different already. You’ve got a magic perpetual motion machine with the smarts to follow directions, and the enthusiasm to want to. That could even be enough to change more lives than just yours . . .

Bianca: It does! Sort of. I try to keep him busy.

Our house is always clean . . . in winter he shovels every street on the block . . . and now that it’s spring I’m sending him around different neighborhoods to pick up trash. It’s helpful! But he’s still only one person.

. . . ish.

Miranda says “Beings aren’t the Industrial Revolution.” No matter how much useful work a single one can do, we don’t have any way to scale it up. So there’s a limit to how much change they can make.


Sparrow: Patrick! Make yourself useful, come in here and get me the remote!