And we’re back! Thank you, readers, for your patience in these times of technical uncertainty.

Fact-checker #1: Yes, Mr. Bennett!

Fact-checker #2: What can we do for you?

Bennett: Research project! For a . . . guest. A potential guest. Who is thinking of revealing something newsworthy. A thing of a personal nature.

I need you to research personal news revelations that go over well, and get an analysis of what they did right.

And have it on my desk by six!

Fact-checker #1: . . . Don’t you want the file in an email?

Bennett: That’s obviously what I meant.


Bennett (thinking): That went well! I’m sure they didn’t suspect a thing.

(hff hff hff)


Cybele: Boss! Are you okay?

Bennett: Great! Fine! I’m sure the room will quit spinning any second now.

Cybele: I want you to know that I’m right here with you!

Bennett: . . . I know.

Cybele: Unless you want me to go get Mr. Cohen?

Bennett: What? He’s back in Boston today. We’re in New York.

Cybele: I promise I’ll run really fast!