It’s your artist’s birthday today! If you want to celebrate, I’m always delighted to get fanart of my characters, and links and recs of my comics.

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Cohen: I’m serious — this is a dangerous area to dabble in.

Miranda: So we’ll wear our gloves and safety goggles.

Sparrow: Is this sigil likely to delete us from the flow of spacetime? No? Then that’s good enough for me.

Cohen: Haven’t you read any stories where someone goes too far and learns things Man Was Not Meant To Know? You know why those all turn out badly?

Miranda+Sparrow: Narrative contrivance.

Cohen: That’s right, human hubr–

–wait, what?

Miranda: In a story, knowledge that comes too easily makes it boring, so it has to backfire somehow. But in real life? Some things can’t be too easy.

Sparrow: Hello, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children? Do you have a pen? Because I’ve got a bunch of names and locations here, and you’re gonna want to start writing them down.