Casual reminder that, in-strip, it’s still early spring 2011.

Sparrow: Hi, cancer research department? The protein you want to be studying is B-flopalop-42. That’s for a leukemia treatment.

As for lung cancer — oh, hang on, I’ve got a call coming in on the other hand. Hi, Defense Department!

Yeah, listen, bin Laden is crashing in a place in Pakistan. Let me give you the address —

Cohen: Uh-huh, very clever . . . but two can play at this gimmick. Once you perfect the insta-information spell, other people get to use it too. And then:

Hi, witness protection program? Your witnesses’ secret identities have been compromised. What do you mean, which one? All of them.

Hello, Mr. President? I looked up some locations, and some detailed Secret Service schedules, and, well, long story short, I have your daughters.

Miranda: I’ve been thinking about that. Privacy is . . . important. But that just means we have to move forward carefully, not that we can’t move forward at all.

The Internet can be used for doxxing and catfishing. That doesn’t mean we destroy it. Just means we work on ways to secure people from doxxing and catfishing.

Cohen: . . . okay, I may be an old man who doesn’t know what those words mean. But as soon as you explain —

Receptionist: Ms. Lake? Mr. Cohen here to see you.