Bennett: Tonight! I sit down with a representative of something called the Gay Christian Network. Is it a liberal conspiracy they’re forcing down our throats? I’ll go at him hard.

Cybele: Mr. Cohen! It’s Cybele. Hi! The boss didn’t tell me to call you, but he didn’t tell me not to call you, so . . .



Miranda: Dad’s leaving town again tomorrow for business . . . And I . . .

. . . I want to tell him. I think, these days, he might understand if he learns about you.

Dad? Are you down here? I need to talk to —

Cohen: Can it wait? I have to leave early. Something just came up.

Miranda: Okay . . . What is it?

Cohen: You can watch it on the news!

Miranda: . . .

I don’t know how to find news on TV! At least give me a keyword to search on Twitter!