Trying a more sophisticated tactic with the shading. (And only 23 chapters in….)

Meggido/Eden/????: Challenge accepted.

Reseda: Whoa! I don’t know where you’re hiding the Tiger, but . . . If he was here, he’d tell you this looks pretty darn symbolic.

Walker: I’m sure. Be a dear and give me a no-frills description of the terrain? All I know is that my desk is gone.

Reseda: Boss . . . ?

Camellia: I’ll tell her. You focus on keeping an eye out for your opponent.

It’s a temperate forest. Lots of short, skinny trees. Flowers blooming in the grass. It’s quiet. Idyllic. I think these worlds are too peaceful to be anything other than leftover pieces of Eden. But some people, I hear, have a theory that they come from the other end of those books. . . ?