And on this note, dear readers, we are returning to a two-days-a-week schedule. Specifically, a Monday-Thursday schedule, because I feel like shaking things up around here.

Camellia (thinking): Calm down, Camellia. She obviously already knew about Emir. You’re not going to throw her off her game. And she doesn’t care about sparing your feelings.

But you still need to appeal to hers. Stay focused.

Camellia: My brother . . . was tricked. By someone who was addicted to the power of making people think their ultimate fates were in his hands. I saw firsthand so many of the ways people got drawn in.

For some of them . . . it was about having a high-stakes project to work on. I’m talking about smart, competent, goal-oriented people. They could only be satisfied by putting all their drive into something big.

The kind of people who could build a multinational corporation from scratch in a few decades.

Walker: Are you trying to insinuate me into this group?

I’m not taking off the glasses, so . . . just imagine that I’m rolling my eyes.