Come on, Reseda . . . we can heal this later, just get into cat form now . . .


Reseda: OW. That pinched.

Camellia: Good girl, Reseda.

Reseda: Does that mean we won?

Walker: Jany, stay with me. Dr. Gaillard will escort Mr. Mattei out.

Camellia: Who’s . . . ?

Dr. Gaillard: That would be me. I’ve seen the Cat’s files. Nice to finally meet you in person.

Walker: He’ll want to keep his Being in pet-form. Do whatever tests you can with that.

Dr. Gaillard: Most people don’t get to fight the boss before visiting us. You must be special.

Camellia: Lucky us.

Dr. Gaillard: . . . Let me know if she’s wrong on the pronouns. And if you want any tips about contouring.

Camellia: Thanks.