Walker: Have a seat, Jany. I have an assignment for you.

Jany (thinking): That was the guy Bianca and Sparrow sent, right? I don’t understand why, if he was just going to lose . . .

Jany: Yes’m.

Walker: I’ll cut to the chase. Mr. Mattei explained me, very earnestly . . . that the world is not about to end.

Jany: Wait, what?

Walker: Is he perhaps a friend of yours?

Jany: No! I didn’t — I’ve never even met him! . . . what did he say? Was he right?

Walker: Oh, no. For all his conviction, he didn’t have a thing. But I’d like some stronger assurance that you’re not out sharing my findings with . . . unnecessary people.

Blake will supervise. And if you run into difficulty, he can help.

Blake: Shiny.

Walker: Have Kara Lynn bring me the Cat.