Reseda: All I know is, I ‘m in a dark cold quiet room. Either the walls are really thick, or it’s underground. Or both!

Timothy: At least you’re conscious, right?

Reseda: Yeah . . . they haven’t rigged up any kind of ongoing knockout machine.

Timothy: So every time we pop back into . . . this place . . . you’ll be ready to go right away.

Reseda: Aye aye.

By the way . . . I don’t think we can keep up the “Eden” theory. On the way here, I saw something that looked a lot like a wall.

Timothy: Like — a wall built by humans?

Reseda: Sure . . . or anything else with stone-carving technology.

Timothy: Where was it? Can you show me?

Reseda: Somewhere back the way I came from. Do we have time to go looking?

Timothy: Depends on whether I have to go on foot. Bianca auto-ends the battle in about two hours. By then I could maybe make it to that next ridge.